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F&B STRATEGY & MASTER PLANNING | Concept development | interior design by avroko

As a first-of-its-kind luxury resort experience in the Cayes off the pristine coast of Belize, Thor Urbana and Four Seasons approached us to create a unique luxury resort experience. Our task was to develop best-in-class concepts for over seven restaurants, bars, and cafés while enhancing the overall hospitality for the guests during their stay.

First, we thoroughly explored Belize’s distinct F&B offerings, gained insights into our target guests and their preferences, and identified the project’s key opportunities. Based on this research, we crafted a comprehensive F&B masterplan with guest journeys and visitation heatmaps, ensuring a seamless luxury resort experience that aligns perfectly with the Four Seasons brand.

Finally, we provided concept direction for each of the ten on-site outlets, offering sample menus as a starting point for further refinement in collaboration with management and operations.

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