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F&B strategy & Masterplanning | Concept Development

Ovolo Brisbane engaged us to craft unparalleled experiences, that would mirror Ovolo’s brand identity. The aim was to see these experiences buzz with energy and activity, transcending day into night seamlessly. To be positioned as a trailblazer within the community, and to lead the way and set new standards, firmly establishing the Ovolo as a cornerstone of the neighborhood. 

A central tenet of Ovolo Brisbane’s mission is to foster connections and nurture a sense of community through thoughtfully curated programming. After thorough research into the people, places, and ethos that will define Ovolo Brisbane’s essence, we identified initial programming concepts that had the potential to evolve into fully realized initiatives. 

These concepts were subsequently categorized into three overarching program options, acting as guiding pillars in the evolution of Ovolo Brisbane. Shaping it into a dynamic space that embraces its surroundings, engages its patrons, and remains deeply rooted in its purpose.

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