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AN Avroko hospitality owned & operated brand

Underneath Saxon + Parole was a sparsely used partially private dining room. We turned it into a restaurant-within-a-restaurant. The Poni Room has its own look, feel, menu, and energy, and those who find out about it can’t wait to come back.

We did a concept audit of Saxon + Parole to discover what would most appeal to our target audience. We created a shared plates menu focused around seafood and Asians flavors and paired with a rose-centric self-service model

The Poni Room is a Izakaya inspired restaurant. The Merponi serves as our mascot—a match for the playful, fun, and energetic space. A menu primarily driven by under-the-sea dishes and inspired by Japanese and South East Asian cuisines. The interactive beverage program invites guests to venture into the rosé room and take a peek at what suits their fancy from our expansive list of rosés. The pink juice—amongst other refreshing drinks—is available by the glass, bottled, fish pitcher, and on tap.

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